It is our passion to share with you the Zen Experience of tea.  We are a full service wholesale tea purveyor offering you over 150 premium full leaf teas and herbs, quality pyramid tea bags, iced tea pouches, tea ware and tea brewing equipment.  We support you and your staff with planning a tea program for your specific needs along with tea knowledge in effort to elevate your tea service.  We supply and support chefs, restaurants, mixologist, and coffee shop barista with special blends, rare and unique teas with the knowledge of culture, ceremony and the latest tea trends, along with suggested food pairings, ceremonial table service, and tea cocktail recipes. We excel in taking premium rare teas and making it an easy Zen Experience for you and customers.

You can also join us at our flagship tea house in Atlanta Georgia and choose from over 200 quality teas and herbs from around the world.  The teas origin, history and culture are steeped in our tastings, ceremonies or simply a delicious pot of tea.